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Whippingham had the reputation of being the most under-used station on the Island. It was built in 1875 with just a single platform, primarily to service Osborne House, Queen Victoria's home on the IoW, though there is only one documented note of her actually using the station - to go to Ventnor and back in 1875. According to the Railway Magazine: "when it was first planned it was intended that the station should be kept exclusively for the use of the Queen, the Roval family, or visitors to Osborne. But with her usual kindness of heart and thoughtfulness for her humblest dependents, Queen Victoria soon saw what a boon it would be for the surrounding tenantry and villagers to be able to use Whippingham Station, rather than to have to go to Cowes or Newport, and then return for miles to their homes. So she graciously allowed her private station to be used by almost everybody who wished, until at length it became a really public station".

A passing loop was installed in 1912 which continued in use until 1956 whilst trains passed through the station until closure of the line in 1966, despite the station itself having closed in 1953.

Ventnor Wes

Whippinham station always presented a quiet and peaceful air when compared with the busier stations on the line.

photograph by Ron Hersey


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