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Newchurch station, opened in 1875, was an intermediate station on the line from Newport to Sandown. There was a single line siding serving a small goods yard adjacent to the platform which handled vegetables, flowers and later sugar beet traffic. After the 1930s this declined to just a few wagons of domestic coal or horticultural coke. The original station building had previously been used as the station building at Pan Lane and the waiting room had been the Signalbox at Mill Hill. Newchurch's lever frame was in two parts, one of three levers and one of five, one part of which is thought to have come from Sandown.


Newchurch station three years before closure, seen from the level crossing. The station building seen here is a replacement and was little more than a wooden hut, whilst the platform was just a short wooden one, though extended a little in 1912, but despite this (and no passing loop) the Newchurch was, for a while after 1912, a block post.

photograph by Ron Hersey


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