Urie/Maunsell S15 class 4-6-0

30844 Nº30844 at Feltham with
Standard 4 Tank Nº80137 in front
and an unidentified class 24 in the background.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Nº30842, one of the Maunsell-built engines,
16th May 1965.

photograph by Ray Soper

30839 Nº30839 at Queens Road, Battersea on 21st September 1965.

photograph by Ray Soper

All spruced up in the snow - Nº30837 on an LCGB rail tour, the "S15 Commemorative Rail Tour", on 9th January 1966. This ran from Waterloo to Bentley behind Nº30837, then down the Borden branch and back behind U Class Nº31639 followed by Bentley - Eastleigh - Eastleigh Works - Eastleigh - Fareham - Havant - Waterloo behind Nº30837 again.
Note the six-wheel tender, which is like a Schools class tender and quite different from the eight wheel ones above.

photograph by Ray Soper

30837 Nº30837 now has a second LCGB "S15 Commemorative Rail Tour" to haul which, unlike the first, was not in the snowy midst of winter! This ran on 16th January 1966 from Waterloo to Bentley behind Nº30837, down the Borden Branch and back behind Nº31639, then Bentley to Alton behind Nº30837, Alton to Eastleigh double-headed by Nº30837 and Nº31639, to Eastleigh works behind USA Tank Nº30073 and finally back to Waterloo behind Nº30837 once more.
Photographed here at Eastleigh.

photograph by Tony Woodward

Above and below: two further views of Nº30837 at Eastleigh.

photographs by Tony Woodward

Here we see Nº30837 whilst stopped at Woking.

photograph by Tony Woodward


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