Modified Bulleid MN "Merchant Navy" Class 4-6-2

In 1955 the British Railways Board gave authority for fifteen of the class to be modified (see notes in "West Country" page), and authority for rebuilding the remainder swiftly followed. In February 1955 Eastleigh works released 35018 British India Line in its newly modified incarnation and the whole class had been completed by October 1959.
Nº35017 Belgian Marine at Eastleigh.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

35018 Next in line Nº35018 British India Line near Brookwood during 1959

photograph: Mike Morant collection

35020 Nº35020 Bibby Line in the final form these locomotives took after being modified by BR. Although no headboard is being carried this is the down "Bournemouth Belle", photographed at Raynes Park during September 1962.

photograph by Mike Morant

35012 United States Lines off Southern metals at Grayrigg on 13th June 1964 when one of no less than five locomotives, plus a DMMU, which were used on the RCTS's Solway Ranger rail tour.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

35008 The famous "Bournemouth Belle" 12.30 daily from Waterloo to Bournemouth West, all Pullman and first stop Southampton, hurries through Raynes Park behind Merchant Navy class 35008 Orient Line on 26th September 1964.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Nº35011 General Steam Navigation photographed a long way from home at Oxford during November 1965.

photograph by John Bradbeer

35022 35022 Holland America Line at Weymouth on 21st June 1966. Withdrawn the previous month, and minus her coupling rods, she looks a sorry sight. However, after being sold to Woodham Brothers for scrap, she was subsequently purchased in 1983 for restoration by the Southern Steam Trust of Swanage.

photograph by Ray Soper

Nº35029 Ellerman Lines is approaching journey's end at Weymouth on 21st June 1966.

photograph by Ray Soper


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