LB&SCR E2 Class


photograph: Mike Morant collection

E2 class NºB107, one of the later batch with extended side tanks, is seen here in early Southern Railway days away from her home turf at Ashford.

The first of Lawson Billinton's own designs for the LB&SCR was a relatively modest 0-6-0T to replace some of the early Stroudley E1 goods locos, the class E2.

This engine had the now customary curved drop at each end of the platform, slotted frames, a similar boiler of 170 lb sq in and the same cylinders as the I2 class. With 4' 6" drivers and 1,090 gallon water capacity, five were built between May and December 1913. Five more were built to a modified design between May 1915 and September 1916 with longer tanks incorporating a cut out to give access to the motion and therefore increased water capacity of 1,256 gallons. Normally used as goods or shunting engines, two from the first batch were to be found in 1914 working six coach pull and push trains between London Bridge and Crystal Palace, wearing the passenger livery. With these the engine was in the middle and they were not a success! The engines had insufficient coal capacity and the experiment was abandoned during the same year. When doing the work for which they were intended they were very useful engines, one of their duties in the late 1930s was to bring in the stock for the "Night Ferry" and then bank the train out of Victoria.

32107 Now numbered as Nº32107 the same engine is seen here in very early British Railways days still carrying "SOUTHERN" on her tanks but with the new number on the bunker sides.

photograph: A J Wills photographic collection

32109 working at Southampton Docks.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

32104-32109 32104 and 32109 photographed together at Southampton docks on 6th April 1963. This shows the difference in the side tanks fitted to the earlier and later batches.

photograph: Gerald T. Robinson/Mike Morant collection


Technical Details

  • Introduced: May 1913
  • Driving Wheel: 4 ft 6 ins
  • Total Weight: 100-104: 52 tons 15 cwt, 105-109: 53 tons 10 cwt
  • Water Capacity: 100-104: 1,090 galls, 105-109 1,256 gals
  • Cylinders (2): 17½ in x 26 in)
  • Boiler Pressure: 170 lb sq in
  • Tractive Effort: 21,305 lb
  • Power Classification: 3-F
LBSC Nº SR Nº # BR Nº Built Withdrawn
100 2100 32100 Jun 1913 Nov 1961
101 2101 32101 Aug 1913 Sep 1962
102 2102 32102 Oct 1913 Oct 1961
103 2103 32103 Dec 1913 Oct 1962
104 2104 32104 Jan 1914 Apr 1963
105 2105 32105 Jun 1915 Sep 1962
106 2106 32106 Sep 1915 Oct 1962
107 2107 32107 Mar 1916 Feb 1961
108 2108 32108 Jul 1916 Jun 1961
109 2109 32109 Oct 1916 Apr 1963

# Between 1923 and 1928 SR numbers were the LBSC numbers with the added prefix 'B' although the new number may not have been applied until some time later

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