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Class 460 "Gatwick Express"

photograph by David Smith

Unit N°460004 approaching East Croydon on an up service on 6th October 2000. Note the Crystal Palace (left) and Croydon (right) transmission masts in the background.

Class 460 Alstom Juniper are 8 coach units built for the Gatwick Express to replace the class 73 loco hauled sets of class 488 carriages & class 489 motor luggage vans.

After much testing the first unit 460004 entered service on Friday, 22nd September 2000. Units are made up of:-

Driving Motor First
Trailer First
Trailer Composite
Motor Second
Motor Second
Trailer Second
Motor Second
Driving Motor Second

The set is powered by a total of ten Alstom ONIX 800 270kW traction motors (two per motor unit). Maximum speed is 100 mph and the unit is gangwayed internally only. The sets run with the DMF on the London end because this vehicle contains the luggage compartment and the porters/airline baggage handlers use the barrow crossing at the up end of platforms 1&2 to transfer baggage from the station to the flight terminal.

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  • 460003
    A Vader without its mask! N°460003 minus its cosmetic nose cone is seen here passing through Holmwood during an acceptance test run.
    Photograph by R M Brume.
  • 460004
    DMF N° 67904 of unit N°460004 is seen at the buffer stops of London Victoria about 8:30pm on Monday, 18th September 2000 while undergoing trials. This unit contains the luggage van and seats only ten first class passengers.
    Photograph by Michael Taylor.
  • First day
    Of service
    The First Day of Service.
    The first unit in service, N°460004, about mid-morning of Friday 22nd September 2000 on its second revenue earning trip to Gatwick.
    Photograph by Michael Taylor.
  • 460007
    The DMS of N°460007 at the south end of platform two of Gatwick Airport station on 27th June 2002.
    Photograph by Colin Duff.
  • 460004
    This and the next photograph illustrate the end cars of unit N°460004 as it passes through Clapham Junction with an up working on 4th October 2002. This is the DMLFO 67904.
    Photograph by Colin Duff.
  • 460004
    And this is DMSO 74434 of unit N°460004.
    Photograph by Colin Duff.
  • 460001
    East Croydon
    This view of unit N°460001 at East Croydon on 10th August 2004 shows the unit number on the end now in black, although "EXPRESS" is still in white but not showing up very well against the yellow of the end.
    Photograph by John Lewis.
  • Interior
    An interior view of DMS N°67914 of unit N°460004 at Gatwick Airport station. Looking towards the driving cab.
    Photograph by Michael Taylor.
  • Bogie
    A bogie under a MS of unit N°460007.
    Photograph by Colin Duff.

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