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Class 377 "Electrostar"

photograph by Colin Duff

Electrostar unit N°377112 formed the rear of an eight car formation departing Clapham Junction for Victoria on 11th October 2003

As mentioned in the section on the class 375 the South Central portion of the third Connex batch was been adopted by Govia. These units are to the original Connex specification. South Central subsequently placed further orders. This is thought to be a pragmatic act since other rolling stock manufacturers have full order books, plus the major de-bugging has already been done by Connex and c2c. The Brighton lines also currently suffer from inadequate power infrastructure for the full potential of these units to be exploited and some units have been delivered and put into secure storage. South Central took the opportunity to re-specify slightly their Electrostars, the most significant technical changes being the use of Dellner couplers, resulting in a re-designation to class 377 and less generous seating.
In 2003 the overall 182 South Central fleet was planned as follows:
377/1 4 car dc only units formed DMSO-MSO-TSO-DMSO - 64 units
(2+2 seating 377101-119, mixed 2+2 and 3+2 seating 377120-164)
377/2 4 car dual voltage units formed DMSO-MSO-PTSO-DMSO - 15 units
(details to follow)
377/3 3 car dc only units formed DMSO-TSO-DMSO - 28 units (These are part of the original Connex order, they were delivered as Class 375 and converted to Class 377 by changing their couplers to the Dellner type. They have 2+2 seating.)
377/4 4 car dc only units formed DMSO-MSO-TSO-DMSO - 75 units.
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  • First
    First class accommodation in one of the driving motor cars of unit N°377112 as pictured here in platform twelve at Clapham Junction on 11th October 2003.
    Photograph by Colin Duff.
  • Sleek
    The sleek lines of the Electrostar units are captured well here in this panoramic shot of MSO 77136 of unit N°377136 in platform twelve of Clapham Junction on 11th October 2003.
    Photograph by Colin Duff.
  • 377123
    Clapham Jn
    Unit N°377123 on the rear of an eight car down working in platform tirteen at Clapham Junction 11th October 2003.
    Photograph by Colin Duff.
  • 377114
    Unit N°377114 arrives at Hastings with a service from Brighton on 15th November 2003.
    Photograph by Paul Ferbrache.
  • 377116
    Unit N°377116 approaches Fratton on 6th July 2004 and after stopping will be the 12:01 p.m. Southern service to Brighton.
    Photograph by Colin Duff.
  • 377159
    Southern Railway's unit N°377159 departing Fratton with the 12:11 p.m .to Portsmouth Harbour on 6th July 2004.
    Photograph by Colin Duff.
  • 377159
    Unit N°377159 returning from Portsmouth Harbour through Fratton with an up working on 6th July 2004.
    Photograph by Colin Duff.
  • 377154
    On a hot Tuesday afternoon, 6th July 2004, unit N°377154 leads an eight car formation into Billingshurst.
    Photograph by Nick Beck.
  • 377160
    Unit N°377160 departs Billingshurst for Pulborough on the rear of N°377154.
    Photograph by Nick Beck.
  • 377436
    West Croydon
    Unit N°377436 can be seen tailing the 3:45 p.m. London Bridge - Sutton at West Croydon on 29th June 2005.
    Photograph by Neil Walkling.
  • 377428
    Crystal Palace
    Unit N°377428 away from its normal sphere of operations at Crystal Palace on the 6:25 p.m. London Bridge - Victoria on 29th June 2005.
    Photograph by Neil Walkling.
  • 377439
    Unit N°377439 at Victoria on 3rd May 2008.
    Photograph by Michael Taylor.
  • Roof
    Roof detail on two unidentified Class 377 DMSOs at Clapham Junction.
    Photograph by Colin Duff.
  • Connections
    The coupling and gangway connetions are neat and compact, no brake hoses or buckeyes to worry about here!
    Photograph by Nick Beck.
  • Warning
    A sign, or at least notice, of the times! A software/database warning notice seen in the cab window of unit N°377402 warning operators that this unit is not to be coupled to a unit without selective door opening, nor to a unit with the A3 database nor any unit with software version lower than SP17.1... And you thought life was difficult when unit coupling restrictions were limited to the type of coupler, brakes and traction index! Seen whilst at Clapham Junction on 19th April 2005.
    Photograph by Colin Duff.
  • Interior
    The interior of a class 377/4, MSO 78859 in unit N°377459.
    Photograph by Michael Taylor.
  • Bogie and
    The bogie and shoebeam arrangement under the cab of unit N°377154.
    Photograph by Nick Beck.
  • Underframe
    The underframe equipment under the DMSO of unit N°377154, looking in need of a good clean.
    Photograph by Nick Beck.

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