Class 33

Class 33/1 An unidentified 33/1 seen performing the sort of service it was modified to multiple unit push-pull configuration for, pulling away from Wool with a fast Weymouth bound train in 1985.

photograph by Colin Duff

An unidentified Crompton involved with engineering works at a rather shabby-looking Faygate in early September 1985.

photograph by Mark Westcott

Class 33
33061 33061 undergoing a static load test at St Leonards Depot in November 1985, presumably before returning to traffic after some minor maintenance work. Note the red 'not to be moved' notice at buffer level to the right of the shot.

photograph by Mark Westcott

D6545 at Clapham Junction with a train of all-blue 4TCs.

photograph by Ray Soper

33208 "Slim Jim" 33208 seen at Waterloo, not one of the sub-class' regular haunts, on 24th October 1987.

photograph: Colin Duff

Looking worse for wear - a class 33/0 seen at Stewarts Lane depot 10th April 1988. Note the blue star coupling code and the two separate handrails - compare with the photograph below:

photograph by Colin Duff

Class 33/0

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