Class 33

D6515 Crompton Type 3 D6515 hauls the stock of the Bournemouth Belle out of the carriage sidings at Clapham Junction towards Waterloo where it will form the 12:30pm departure to Bournemouth behind a Southern Pacific.

photograph by Keith Harwood

33052 , between duties, berthed in the 'New Works Yard' at Brighton, which was on the site of the former Steam Motive Power Shed.

photograph by Glen Woods

D6543 D6543 passing Gramshaw footpath crossing, Salisbury, on 19th June 1972.

photograph by Dave Mant

D6572 (together with E6039) propels a loaded spoil train into the yard at Newhaven Town, 25th June 1972.

photograph by Glen Woods

D6531 6531, at Weymouth Quay on 28th August 1973, waiting to work the 3:50pm to Waterloo, note the high level air pipes for working push/pull with EMU stock, the full width handrail and the orange lamp and bell for working over the quay tramway.

photograph by Glen Woods

33117 seen in Eastleigh works during 1974

photograph by Michael Taylor


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