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Such is the scope of this subject it is not possible to provide definitive coverage so we only aim to give a flavour of this stock. Only Maunsell's locomotive hauled stock will be covered in these pages.

Both the Southern Railway and the Southern Region ran the majority of its Maunsell coach stock in fixed sets. The formation of these sets could either be fairly stable throughout their lives or reformed seasonally (or indeed as and when required) to respond to changing traffic demands. (For further details of Maunsell coach set formations please follow this link to: SR/BR(S) Coach Sets.)

For more information on Maunsell coaches you are strongly advised to read the master work on this subject - the book "Maunsell's S.R. Steam Passenger Stock 1923-1939 by David Gould published by the Oakwood Press first edition published 1978 no ISBN".

Set 457 Maunsell set 457, formed in June 1963 and withdrawn in May 1964, consisted of brake 3701 & compo 5612 and was captured on camera at Reigate, looking towards Redhill.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Maunsell 2-car set 459 (half of old set 219) hauled by 80011 at Eridge.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Set 459
1165 SK S1165S being shunted at Clapham Junction by an ex-GWR Pannier Tank. The destination board says 'Broadstone'.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

A large number of Maunsell, restriction 4, 'TKs', to diagram 2001, were built between 1927 and 1934 although there were external differences. It should be noted that the 'diagram' related to the internal seating and accommodation layout only and therefore was not concerned with such things as the height of the Large Side Lights (picture windows) used in the corridor. This is a 1932 built example showing the non-corridor side with a single rainstrip on the roof and had the large corridor windows. Originally a loose vehicle, for strengthening purposes, it was formed (by now being classified an SK) in strengthened set 201 for the summer 1960 service for Waterloo-Salisbury/Bournemouth-Weymouth and through services to other regions.
1165 was withdrawn in November 1961, from set 201.

Text from Glen Woods

DS70155 at Clapham Junction on 29 June 1965. A former Hastings (Restriction 0, 8' 0¾" wide) CK S5600S was converted into "Es Inspection Saloon" - 61' 7" x 9' 0", 32T; it was ex works at Eastleigh on 18 November 1962. Latterly used for Driver Instruction and branded O.D.s TDS 70155 (O.D.s = Operating Department Southern) and used for driver route learning. DS70155 could be hauled or propelled.

5600, built in l931, was originally a loose vehicle used in set 478 from June 1959 and withdrawn in September 1959.

photograph by Ray Soper, text from Glen Woods

70040 ADS 70040 photographed in a very shabby condition at Haywards Heath during the mid 1980s. This was a conversion from 1924/5 Eastern Section diagram 165 BTK (Thanet Stock) Nº3579 in 1960 to form an Office and Work Study Vehicle as DS 70040. The coach had been withdrawn from passenger service in May 1959.

photograph by Mark Westcott

A Maunsell Brake Compartment 2nd (either Nº4059 or Nº4061) in set 447, photographed in the condemned siding at Horsted Keynes 12th July 1959.

photograph by Ian Fossey

SECR Brake
Interior shot of a SECR brake's guard's compartment.

photograph by Mike Gale Jr.

SECR Brake

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