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We are reproducing in the SREmG pages Coupe News and Pullman & CIWL News, the regular Coupe News newsletters of Pullman matters covering all topics Pullman from past history to preservation and the Pullman & CIWL News. Coupe News was produced every month by Terry Bye, from March 2003 until December 2010, together with Preservation Lists and several special editions. Pullman & CIWL News is a bi-monthly newsletter covering news and information on both Pullman and CIWL matters that launched in June 2011.

To access the file simply click on the edition you wish to read, which are all in PDF format. You will need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you don't have it you can download it free of charge from:

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Coupe News
Date Newsletter File Size Date Newsletter File Size
March 2003 Nº1 PDF file 64.2kb April 2003 Nº2 PDF file 95.7kb
May 2003 Nº3 PDF file 88.3kb June 2003 Nº4 PDF file 76.7kb
July 2003 Nº5 PDF file 71.6kb August 2003 Nº6 PDF file 99.6kb
September 2003 Nº7 PDF file 87.9kb October 2003 Nº8 PDF file 138kb
November 2003 Nº9 PDF file 99.7kb December 2003 Nº10 PDF file 108kb
January 2004 Nº11 PDF file 106kb February 2004 Nº12 PDF file 106kb
March 2004 Nº13 PDF file 91.1kb April 2004 Nº14 PDF file 78.8kb
May 2004 Nº15 PDF file 116kb June 2004 Nº16 PDF file 124kb
July 2004 Nº17 PDF file 154kb August 2004 Nº18 PDF file 122kb
September 2004 Nº19 PDF file 152kb October 2004 Nº20 PDF file 152kb
November 2004 Nº21 PDF file 152kb December 2004 Nº22 PDF file 137kb
January 2005 Nº23 PDF file 156kb February 2005 Nº24 PDF file 125kb
March 2005 Nº25 PDF file 173kb April 2005 Nº26 PDF file 139kb
May 2005 Nº27 PDF file 254kb June 2005 Nº28 PDF file 362kb
July 2005 Nº29 PDF file 254kb August 2005 Nº30 PDF file 362kb
September 2005 Nº31 PDF file 1.07mb October 2005 Nº32 PDF file 1.37mb
November 2005 Nº33 PDF file 2.45mb December 2005 Nº34 PDF file 1.26mb
January 2006 Nº35 PDF file 2.16mb February 2006 Nº36 PDF file 2.45mb
March 2006 Nº37 PDF file 306kb April 2006 Nº38 PDF file 659kb
May 2006 Nº39 PDF file 536kb June 2006 Nº40 PDF file 1010kb
July 2006 Nº41 PDF file 463kb August 2006 Nº42 PDF file 577kb
September 2006 Nº43 PDF file 983kb October 2006 Nº44 PDF file 777kb
November 2006 Nº45 PDF file 977kb December 2006 Nº46 PDF file 1.75mb
January 2007 Nº47 PDF file 2.35mb February 2007 Nº48 PDF file 2.18mb
March 2007 Nº49 PDF file 529kb April 2007 Nº50 PDF file 450kb
May 2007 Nº51 PDF file 1.15mb June 2007 Nº52 PDF file 1.2mb
July 2007 Nº53 PDF file 1.03mb August 2007 Nº54 PDF file 1.34mb
September 2007 Nº55 PDF file 1.44mb October 2007 Nº56 PDF file 978kb
November 2007 Nº57 PDF file 1.43mb December 2007 Nº58 PDF file 1.31mb
January 2008 Nº59 PDF file 779kb February 2008 Nº60 PDF file 2.17mb
March 2008 Nº61 PDF file 2.4mb April 2008 Nº62 PDF file 0.99mb
May 2008 Nº63 PDF file 3.21mb June 2008 Nº64 PDF file 1.69mb
July 2008 Nº65 PDF file 5.26mb August 2008 Nº66 PDF file 2.61mb
September 2008 Nº67 PDF file 1.50mb October 2008 Nº68 PDF file 1.20mb
November 2008 Nº69 PDF file 3.54mb December 2008 Nº70 PDF file 2.86mb
January 2009 Nº71 PDF file 927kb February 2009 Nº72 PDF file 1.62mb
March 2009 Nº73 PDF file 1.54mb April 2009 Nº74 PDF file 3.96mb
May 2009 Nº75 PDF file 5.14mb June 2009 Nº76 PDF file 3.69mb
July 2009 Nº77 PDF file 2.89mb July 2009 Extra   PDF file 2.91mb
August 2009 Nº78 PDF file 3.13mb September 2009 Nº79 PDF file 5.10mb
October 2009 Nº80 PDF file 6.46mb November 2009 Nº81 PDF file 4.47mb
December 2009 Nº82 PDF file 3.25mb January 2010 Nº83 PDF file 3.04mb
February 2010 Nº84 PDF file 3.74mb March 2010 Nº85 PDF file 3.27mb
April 2010 Nº86 PDF file 3.40mb May 2010 Nº87 PDF file 3.56mb
June 2010 Nº88 PDF file 3.00mb July 2010 Nº89 PDF file 1.89mb
August 2010 Nº90 PDF file 4.12mb September 2010 Nº91 PDF file 4.96mb
October 2010 Nº92 PDF file 3.58mb November 2010 Nº93 PDF file 3.05mb
December 2010 Nº94 PDF file 2.55mb  

Pullman & CIWL News
Date Newsletter File Size Date Newsletter File Size
June 2011 Nº1 PDF file 4.14mb August 2011 Nº2 PDF file 5.94mb
October 2011 Nº3 PDF file 7.59mb December 2011 Nº4 PDF file 6.5mb
February 2012 Nº5 PDF file 7.58mb April 2012 Nº6 PDF file 6.55mb
June 2012 Nº7 PDF file 8.11mb August 2012 Nº8 PDF file 7.90mb
October 2012 Nº9 PDF file 9.28mb January 2013 Nº10 PDF file 8.0mb
March 2013 Nº11 PDF file 9mb June 2013 Nº12 PDF file 7.0mb
August 2013 Nº13 PDF file 5mb October 2013 Nº14 PDF file 9mb
December 2013 Nº15 PDF file 6mb February 2014 Nº16 PDF file 6mb
April 2014 Nº17 PDF file 5mb June 2014 Nº18 PDF file 6mb
August 2014 Nº19 PDF file 9mb October 2014 Nº20 PDF file 9mb
December 2014 Nº21 PDF file 6mb February 2015 Nº22 PDF file 6mb
April 2015 Nº23 PDF file 8.6mb June 2015 Nº24 PDF file 8.4mb
August 2015 Nº25 PDF file 8mb October 2015 Nº26 PDF file 4mb
December 2015 Nº27 PDF file 6mb February 2016 Nº28 PDF file 2mb
April 2016 Nº29 PDF file 4mb June 2016 Nº30 PDF file 3mb
August 2016 Nº31 PDF file 4mb October 2016 Nº32 PDF file 4mb
December 2016 Nº33 PDF file 3mb February 2017 Nº34 PDF file 2mb
April 2017 Nº35 PDF file 3mb June 2017 Nº36 PDF file 9mb
August 2017 Nº37 PDF file 9mb October 2017 Nº38 PDF file 9mb
December 2017 Nº39 PDF file 11mb February 2018 Nº40 PDF file 9mb
April 2018 Nº41 PDF file 12mb June 2018 Nº42 PDF file 8mb
August 2018 Nº43 PDF file 9mb October 2018 Nº44 PDF file 7mb
December 2018 Nº45 PDF file 11mb February 2019 Nº46 PDF file 9mb
March 2019 Nº47 PDF file 8mb May 2019 Nº48 PDF file 9mb
August 2019 Nº49 PDF file 9.4mb October 2019 Nº50 PDF file 9mb
December 2019 Nº51 PDF file 7mb January 2020 Nº52 PDF file 10.3mb
March 2020 Nº53 PDF file 10.4mb June 2020 Nº54 PDF file 8.3mb
July-August 2020 Nº55 PDF file 8.6mb Sep/Oct 2020 Nº56 PDF file 8.33mb
Nov/Dec 2020 Nº57 PDF file 7.7mb Jan/Feb 2021 Nº58 PDF file 7.91mb
Mar/Apr 2021 Nº59 PDF file 8.6mb May/Jun 2021 Nº60 PDF file 7.11mb
Jul/Aug 2021 Nº61 PDF file 8.0mb Sep/Oct 2021 Nº62 PDF file 7.11mb
Nov/Dec 2021 Nº63 PDF file 8.81mb Jan/Feb 2022 Nº64 PDF file 6.28mb
Mar/Apr 2022 Nº65 PDF file 8.43mb May/Jun 2022 Nº66 PDF file 8.03mb
Jul/Aug 2022 Nº67 PDF file 9.05mb

Pullman Car Preservation Lists

Pullman Car History Digest
Date Edition File Size Date Edition File Size
Issued November 2021 Nº33 PDF file 2.27mb November 2021 Nº6 PDF file 1.14mb

CIWL Car Preservation Lists

Date Newsletter File Size
Issued 2011 Nº1 PDF file 1.13mb

Special Editions
Special Edition Nº1 Pullman Dining USA PDF file 2.68mb
Special Edition Nº2 Devon Belle PDF file 719kb
Special Edition Nº3 Bournemouth Belle PDF file 1.41mb
Special Edition Nº4 Tees Tyne Pullman PDF file 1.23mb
Special Edition Nº5 Golden Arrow PDF file 0.98mb
Special Edition Nº6 50 Years of Tri-ang - Hornby Pullmans 1958 - 2008 PDF file 3.03mb
Special Edition Nº7 S E & C R Royal Saloon 1R PDF file 814kb
Special Edition Nº8 00 & TT gauge Tri-ang & Hornby SR Utility & Luggage Van 1958 to 2015 PDF file 1mb
Special Edition Nº9 1966 - 2016 British Rail Mk 2 Pullman Cars - Issue 1 - March 2016 PDF file 1.3mb
Special Edition Nº10 Graham farish '00' Scale Pullman Cars - Issue 1 - May 2016 PDF file 590kb
Special Edition Nº11 The Stobart Pullman - Issue 1 - November 2017 PDF file 3.13mb
Special Edition Nº12 1951 & 1952'U' Type Pullman Cars - Issue 1 - April 2018 PDF file 4.48mb
Special Edition Nº13 BR Mk1 Pullman Cars - Issue 1 - May2018 PDF file 3mb
Special Edition Nº14 60 years of Tri-ang & Hornby Pullman Cars 1958 to 2018 - August 2018 PDF file 8mb
Special Edition Nº15 Southern Railway Gangwayed Bogie Luggage Van S2464 - Issue 4 - May 2017 PDF file 6.5mb
Special Edition Nº16 00 gauge Pullman Models - 2005 to 2019 - March 2019 PDF file 5mb
Special Edition Nº17 Pullman On-board Crew - Updated - April 2021 PDF file 2.61mb
Special Edition Nº18 December 1937 The Pullman Company Chicago - The Need For Increased Pullman Revenue - March 2021 PDF file 1.34mb
Special Edition Nº19 September 1948 The Pullman Company Chicago - Study of Present & Probable Future Sleeping Car Requirements - March 2021 PDF file 8.561mb
Special Edition Nº20 Pullman March of Progress - 1938 - Issue 1- March 2022 PDF file 1.68mb

Pullman Newsletter 2021 Index: November 2021 PDF file 1.07mb

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